7 Teen Superheroes to Get Hyped Up for in 2018

Mid-sized justice.

With so many teen-based superhero shows on the way in 2018, it only feels right to give credit where credit is due.

As fun as it is to focus on the big names, handing out movies by the dozen to Batman and giving the Avengers a multi-billion-dollar franchise, the kids have fallen behind up until this point. Teenage superhero properties are not only a perfect way to introduce newbies to superhero comics — as there’s typically a lot of exposition as the teens figure out their powers — but they tend to provide the perfect place for relatable coming-of-age storylines. And they’re just really damn fun, okay?

The third season of Young Justice, which has been rebranded Young Justice: Outsiders, will premiere on DC’s new online streaming service alongside its live-action Teen Titans show. That’s on the DC side of things. Over in Marvel’s corner, it’s gearing up for an animated Big Hero 6 series, Hulu’s Runaways, and the first live-action look at Cloak & Dagger.

Here are seven teen superheroes you should be psyched about watching on the small screen in 2018.

7. Tim Drake, aka Robin, in Young Justice: Outsiders

As the third Robin to pick up the mantel, Tim Drake is still very young — only 14 — when he’s introduced in the second season of Young Justice. If the highly-anticipated third season jumps forward in time at all there’s a very good chance Tim will still be a teenager. Even though Tim is portrayed as being rather similar to his predecessor and current mentor Dick Grayson (Nightwing), he takes the hero role a little more seriously and more unsure of himself than Dick ever was. A third season will definitely let Tim grow more and grab onto the leadership role he’s destined to have on the Team.

Voiced by: Cameron Bowen

Re-premieres on TV: Sometime in 2018

Marvel Comics

6. Nico Minoru, aka Sister Grimm, in Runaways

A “wiccan” and the daughter of two powerful sorcerers, Nico is not to be messed with. When Hulu’s Runaways premieres, there’s a good chance Nico will still be pretty clueless about her powers. Season 1 will definitely see her becoming a stronger sorcerer and more capable human being, maybe dropping some of her characteristic somberness in favor of becoming a fully fledged member of her new-found family.

Portrayed by: Lyrica Okano

Premieres on TV: Sometime in 2018

5. Tandy Bowen, aka Dagger, in Cloak & Dagger

Tandy Bowen, the Dagger in Marvel’s upcoming Cloak & Dagger, is the exact opposite of her partner, Cloak. Tandy, born and raised as an “America’s Sweetheart” kind of person, has the ability to produce daggers of light, and cure people of addiction. Along with Cloak, Tandy vows to protect other young people from going through the same ordeals she did — kidnap, torture, experimentation, and pretty much every other bad thing out there. No doubt, Cloak & Dagger will explore Tandy’s character growth as she changes from a privileged-but-troubled youth into a true teen hero, and that’s something to look forward to.

Portrayed by: Olivia Holt

Premieres on TV: Sometime in 2018

Marvel Comics

4. Alex Wilder in Runaways

There’s a reason Alex Wilder is the only one of the Runaways gang who didn’t choose a superhero name for himself. If you’re unfamiliar with Marvel’s Runaways comics, then it’s definitely a spoiler, so we won’t say why. But Alex is the de facto leader of the Runaways and the son of the crime bosses of Los Angeles. He’s a total gaming nerd, much more comfortable with sitting behind a computer than being out in the field with the rest of his teammates, much to his parents’ disgruntlement. Alex, with his genius-level intellect, is a master planner who will surely be beyond entertaining on the small screen.

Portrayed by: Rheny Feliz

Premieres on TV: Sometime in 2018

DC Entertainment, Cartoon Network

3. Zatanna Zatara in Young Justice: Outsiders

Zatanna was first introduced to Young Justice in the show’s first season as the rebellious 14-year-old daughter of Zatara and a newly minted member of the Team. By the end of Season 2, she’s 19 and much more powerful after five years of practice. Not only is Zatanna a full-fledged member of the Justice League by the end of Young Justice Season 2, but she’s also had Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) whipped for years. Zatanna’s magical abilities will have only grown by the time Season 3 of Young Justice finally rolls around, and even though she hasn’t been confirmed as returning, she’s definitely high on our list.

Voiced by: Lacey Chabert

Re-premieres on TV: Sometime in 2018


2. Tyrone Johnson, aka Cloak, in Cloak & Dagger

The polar opposite of Tandy Bowen, Tyrone “Ty” Johnson has a direct link to the Darkforce Dimension, which essentially means he can control the darkness around him, absorb the life force of others, and teleport. He has a primal instinct to absorb the life force of others due to his connection to the Predator (no, not that Predator) he’s linked to in the Darkforce; and he’s in a constant fight against that urge. So, not only does Ty have badass, beautiful, terrifying powers that will undoubtedly be a delight to see on screen, but he’ll also be a character who struggles with some deeply personal stuff. That’s good television.

Portrayed by: Aubrey Joseph

Premieres on TV: Sometime in 2018

1. Drunk Baymax in Big Hero 6, The Series

Baymax counts as a teen, right? He’s technically younger than any of the teens on the show. But the Baymax we’re most looking forward to is definitely drunk (aka low-battery) Baymax and his obsession with cats, otherwise called “furry babies.”

Voiced by: Scott Adsit

Premieres on TV: July 7, 2018

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