John Boyega's Photobombing Could Support "Stormpilot" Slash Fic 

Proving he is one of the nicest stormtroopers in the galaxy, actor John Boyega sweetly photobombed Star Wars fans to promote the Omaze charity Star Wars: Force For Change. And in doing so, he also may have subtly supported the popular fan fiction pairing of Finn and Poe Dameron.

During Star Wars Celebration on April 14, Omaze pranked several fans by taking their picture on a faux red carpet, only to have Boyega sneak into the photo behind them. The new video was published by Omaze on Tuesday.

Waiting in the wings, Boyega reacted wittily to the various statements made by the fans about who their favorite Star Wars character might be. When one fan says they liked “the Poe and Finn dynamic … I liked the pair,” John Boyega gives this comment and enthusiastic thumbs up. Now, this is a subtle and pretty neutral show of support from Boyega, but it’s interesting only because the “pair” of Finn and Poe is the inspiration for a ton of slash fiction in which the two characters are lovers.


This isn’t to say that John Boyega is making Finn/Poe canon by giving a thumbs-up, but it seems like at least a veiled acknowledgment? In fan fiction circles, the pairing of Finn and Poe is called “stormpilot” which refers to Finn being a stormtrooper and Poe being a pilot. Fans on one “stormpilot” Tumblr have already noticed the thumbs-up.

Watch the Omaze video right here:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

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