Kendrick Lamar Fan Loses Bet Over New Album, Eats a Vinyl Record

He suffered more than most when 'NATION.' didn't materialize.


Kendrick Lamar didn’t release a second album on Easter, and a Reddit user went to extreme lengths to pay off a bet he lost because of it. It involved drinking a “vinyl milkshake.”

Following a weekend of speculation about whether or not Lamar would release a second album — called NATION. as a companion to DAMN. — a redditor with the user name u/CousinTyrone found himself on the losing end of a bet he thought was a sure thing.

Here’s how it happened: In a post on Saturday, the day before the fictional NATION. was speculated to be due for release, he wrote, “If Kendrick doesn’t drop another album tomorrow, I will eat a vinyl record of GKMC.”

“Boi, you are gonna end up eating a vinyl record,” said one commenter.

“I got faith in Kenny, with a big ol’ No Bamboozle Guarantee,” he replied assuredly. You know how this ends up.

The redditor, whose name hasn’t yet leaked out, was somehow honor-bound enough to not back out and disappear. In a follow-up post on Monday, he posted a video of himself keeping his promise, eating a vinyl copy of Kendrick’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, only in milkshake form.

In the video, he first blends up the record with some water and express some concern — rightly — at the fact that there are now just a ton of tiny record shards, he attempts to filter them out with his hand. Then comes the ice cream, which, judging by u/CousinTyrone’s face, did little to improve the overall taste.

“This is some top quality post. [Original poster] actually delivered,” went one comment.

In fewer than two days, the YouTube video has already garnered over 180,000 views and is making the rounds on Twitter, likely just because it’s so hard to look away once you’ve started watching.

While this may go down as a low moment in u/CousinTyrone’s personal history, the internet will remember him as the guy who fell on his sword out of trust in Kendrick. He may not have been rewarded, but the rest of us were.

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