'Alien: Covenant' International Poster Features Space Jockey Ship

The last time one of the Engineers’ ships was seen was when Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and David’s head were leaving the surface of the moon LV-223 at the end of Prometheus. But now, the newly revealed international poster for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant, the sequel to Prometheus, features another — or maybe the same — Engineer ship, commonly referred to as a “Space Jockey” ship among Alien franchise fans.

You know the Space Jockey: the pilot of the spacecraft from the original Alien who crashed on planet LV-426. The crew of the USCSS Nostromo came across the Engineer’s ship in the original film, and a recent trailer for the upcoming Covenant contained a flashing image of another — or, again, maybe the same — Engineer ship.

The uncharted paradise Katherine Waterston’s Daniels and her crew will come across in Alien: Covenant is confirmed as having at least one of the Engineers’ ships on-planet, but the question remains as to which one it is. Is this the ship that Shaw and David’s head piloted off LV-223 10 years ago at the end of Prometheus? Is it the one on LV-426, or are they all the same ship? Or is it one of many?

20th Century Fox

Find out more about the Jockey ship when Alien: Covenant premieres in theaters May 19.