Watch Poison Ivy Get Brutal in the New 'Injustice 2' Trailer

by Monica Hunter-Hart
Photo via YouTube, Account "Injustice"

Poison Ivy joins the ranks of DC superheroes with a personalized trailer for the forthcoming video game Injustice 2 in a teaser that sees her pulverizing Bane and other victims with the help of some carnivorous plants.

We caught glimpses of the villain in previous trailers; one clip showed her setting a giant plant monster on the Flash. This time, Bane is her main victim, which is an odd choice considering they’ll be operating on the same team to take down Batman’s insurgency in the game.

Their banter is cliché and cringeworthy (“Come to me, Bane.”; “I know your games.”; “I scare a man like you?”), but then things get rapidly interesting as Poison Ivy nails Bane with a dropkick to the head. The trailer provides a nice preview of her fighting style, which features everything from hand-to-hand combat to slick maneuvers with mace and even a poisonous touch. She takes down Bane at the end by summoning the same enormous plant monster she used on the Flash. Poison Ivy allows the beast to chew him a bit, then pulls him back out and pummels him on the ground. Brutal.

Injustice 2’s May 16 release date is drawing closer, and the dystopian game looks to be more violent with each teaser. The plot follows Batman and his team, who must fight both the evil alien android Brainiac and “the Society,” a group of superhero villains that includes Poison Ivy. The Injustice 2 website says that Poison Ivy is attracted to the Society because they share the “common interest” of “bringing mankind to its knees.”

Watch the trailer here: