New 'Injustice 2' Trailer Reveals Grodd’s Own Evil Team

Grodd lives! And he’s not alone. In the latest installment of the “Shattered Alliance” trailer series for DC’s new video game Injustice 2, which hit the internet early Thursday afternoon, Gorilla Grodd assembles his own evil faction to take the place of Superman’s failed Regime and fight back against Batman’s alliance of do-gooders. Enter: the Society.

With the help of Cheetah, Bane, Deadshot, Captain Cold, Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy, Gorilla Grodd leads a separate faction to fight “the yolk of oppression” against Batman and his crew of heroes (and Harley Quinn) who also have to deal with the return of Superman’s Regime. But if the Society wins, no one in a cape and cowl fighting for justice will be left standing.

The new trailer is the first full reveal of the Society. A previous trailer, released on March 30, also showed Gorilla Grodd and his Society but only mentioned Bane, Captain Cold, and Scarecrow. “Shattered Alliances, Part 4” now reveals that Deadshot, Cheetah, and Poison Ivy are along for the ride, and they all make quick work of the DC superheroes, with Scarecrow tossing Dr. Fate like a ragdoll and the Flash getting thrown into a deadly Poison Ivy plant like a football.

See the trailer below, which also hints that Batman and Superman seemingly set their differences aside to reform the Justice League. Maybe.

Injustice 2 will be released on May 16, 2017.

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