New 'The Flash' Photos Show Iris’s Grave in Savitar’s Future

The Flash Savitar

The race to defeat Savitar is on. While The Flash still has one more week of hiatus before it returns to The CW, new pictures of the next episode, “The Once and Future Flash,” have been unveiled. Among the host of photos showing the behind-the-scenes production of the episode, three new photos depict Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) mourning at Iris West’s grave. Try not to cry.

The episode comes courtesy of Savitar, the god of speed, who wants nothing more than to make Barry Allen feel like he’s living a fate worse than death. Savitar is taunting Barry that, no matter what, he will kill Iris West (Candace Patton). Barry and the rest of S.T.A.R. Labs have spent the season trying to stop that future from happening, but Barry Allen is starting to lose hope. In a stroke of genius, Barry has decided to run far into the future — ten years, to be exact — to find out exactly what happened. It’s a possible future where Savitar is victorious, and it will all come true if the Flash doesn’t stop him.

Check out the photos below, which features Joe and Barry at Iris’s grave. First up, here’s Barry, presumably watching Joe West mourn from afar:

the flash savitar

Next, Joe West, at the grave of his daughter.

Joe West Savitar the Flash

Gotta admit, these are actually heartbreaking. Poor Joe!

The Flash Joe West

The CW also revealed some behind-the-scenes pictures with H.R. himself Tom Cavanagh directing.

The Flash

The Flash returns April 24, 2017 to The CW.

Media via The CW