'Spider-Man' Will Finally Answer a 5-Year Mystery

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In 2012, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of the main Marvel Universe — designated Earth-616 — met Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the parallel Ultimate Universe. In the five years since their crossover mini-series Spider-Men from Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel has consolidated its continuities into one, allowing Miles to regularly hang with his predecessor and even become an Avenger. But the sequel, Spider-Men II, will reveal the answer to the first book’s cliffhanger mystery: Who is Miles Morales of Earth-616?

In July, Marvel will reunite Bendis with series artist Sara Pichelli for Spider-Men II, which will reveal the identity of Earth-616’s Miles Morales. At the end of Spider-Men, curiosity got the better of Peter Parker, who Googled for “Miles Morales” in his universe. The book ended with a close-up of Peter’s shocked face and a verbal “Oh my god,” which has left fans waiting for an answer for the past five years.

Besides revealing the native Marvel Universe’s Miles, Bendis told Nerdist that Spider-Men II is about creating one’s own legacy instead of trying to live up to one, which was what the first Spider-Men was about. “Over the years,” says Bendis, “[Miles] has come into his own, and with that comes the question: all right, that’s my hero, but maybe what I love about my hero is that they’re unique to themselves. What about me is special that I am standing here doing this?”

Peter discovers Earth-616's Miles Morales at the end of 2012's 'Spider-Men.'

“That’s the journey that we’re going to make a pretty big statement with at the end of this series,” added Bendis.

Spider-Men II will be released in July. Check out the cover below.

'Spider-Men' #1

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