The 25 Best 'It' Sewer Clown Memes

All the hilarious ways that Pennywise will get you.


The It trailer was so popular that it broke the record for most views in a 24-hour period when it was released last month. The remake of the 1990 mini-series, based on the novel by Stephen King, opens in theaters on September 8. Yes, Pennywise the Clown has returned to prominence both on the silver screen and in our nightmares.

An infamous scene from the 1990 mini-series has been memed in the weeks since the trailer for the remake hit the internet.

It’s modus operandi of luring unsuspecting children into the sewers has because one of the most enduring symbols of terror in our popular culture. Pennywise, the clown-form that the being is best known for assuming, is responsible for engendering a lasting fear of clowns in more than one of us as kids.

But if the best and strongest defense against fear is humor, the internet has delivered in spades, turning Pennywise into a new favorite meme. The meme asks this question: How might Pennywise be able to entice you to crawl to your doom in the sewers? The pictures are taken from a previous film adaptation of the story, but the sight of pennywise is no less strangely hilarious for it.

Here are the 25 best It memes, also known as “How the Clown Will Get You in 2017”:

25. Can’t Say No to Some Miller High Life


24. Does That Make You a Bad Mom? Maybe. Is It worth It? Probably


23. Original Smash Bros., Anyone?


22. Sweet, Sweet Release


21. We All Know Someone This Would Work On


20. Talk About a Series of Unfortunate Events

19. The Guac Isn’t Even Extra

18. Pennywise Has Rick and Morty


17. Just Have to Use the Magic Word

16. There’s a Fury Road Joke in Here, Somewhere

15. Say No More

14. It’s Burning Man Down There

13. He Probably Yanked George Costanza Down There, Too

12. Craw Daddies, You Say?

11. Make Room

10. Who Wouldn’t?

9. He Probably Already Used Most of It

8. Yes

7. At This Point They’ll Do Anything

6. I Didn’t Know I Did Until You Asked

5. Sewer Shots?


4. Do You Have Eleven Down There?

3. Knowing Pennywise, He Maims Hanzo

2. Better Be the Good Kind

1. Down the Rabbit Hole — or Manhole, as It Were


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