Samuel L. Jackson Is Adamant Mace Windu Is Alive


The actor behind Jedi master Mace Windu — Samuel L. Jackson — made a surprise appearance at the 40th Anniversary panel at Star Wars Celebration via a pre-recorded message to continue the relentless pursuit of lobbying for his character’s return. After offering up an apology for his physical absence, the actor offered up a number of reasons why his character could and should make a return.

On Thursday, Samuel L. Jackson said, “We all know Jedi can fall from great heights and survive. … I am not dead!” The last time fans saw Mace Windu, he squared off against Anakin Skywalker, freshly turned to the Dark side, and Palpatine. Just as Mace Windu was about to strike the Emperor down, Anakin sliced off Windu’s arm, Palpatine shocked him with Force Lightning, and he was rocketed out of an incredibly high up window on Coruscant.

Samuel L. Jackson continued to lobby at Star Wars Celebration for his character's return.

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Jackson has been insisting that Mace Windu could still be alive for a long time. He accurately pointed out in his latest address the “long rich history of Star Wars characters reappearing with new appendages.” Other Jedi have survived worse and come back “stronger than ever.” After all, Anakin lost a couple limbs and suffered severe burns across his entire body later in the same movie to emerge as Darth Vader.

Samuel L. Jackson insists that “Mace Windu is awaiting his return,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Note: Mace Windu is definitely not Snoke.

Star Wars Celebration is happening in Orlando, Florida from Thursday through Sunday.

Watch the whole 40th anniversary panel right here:

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