The Internet Loves This 'Game of Thrones' Theory Generator


The only thing Game of Thrones fans love more than watching the show is talking about the show. Fan theories are arguably a bigger part of Game of Thrones fandom than anything George R.R. Martin has written — in part because the show has made several of them canon. And now, fan theories are literally creating themselves. A new Game of Thrones fan theory generator has the internet freaking out.

On the site, which is called “Theories Are Coming”, you simply select a character and short scenario and the generator combines them into a longer theory. For example, when you plug in “Jon Snow” and the scenario “is a time traveling Bran,” the site yields the following explanation:

“When someone is the only product of ice and fire in history, and the key to defeating the White Walkers, can he be allowed to die? That’s why Bran from the future intervened when Jon was in that Schrödinger’s Cat state between dead and alive. He warged into Jon to bring him back to life and will control him till the end of the story. As the three-eyed raven told Bran, he will fly when Jon (controlled by Bran) rides one of Dany’s dragons.”

Obviously this theory is highly unlikely, which is why the site mostly exists to poke fun at the nature of “crazy theories.” But it also entertains more probable theories. For example, when you plug in “Jon Snow” with “will rule Westeros in the end,” the generator says,

“Sometimes the simplest prediction is the one that comes true. Jon Snow’s true parentage entitles him to the Iron Throne. He has had leadership thrust upon him repeatedly, often against his will. In a story where people who covet the Iron Throne often prove themselves unworthy of it (Viserys Targaryen and Stannis Baratheon weren’t the kings we’re looking for), a reluctant ruler may make Westeros great again.”

Other fun theories include “Podrick Payne is the Lord of Light,” “Daenerys orchestrated the Red Wedding,” “Petyr Baelish was the leader of the Sparrows,” and “Sansa controls the White Walkers.”

In the long wait to Season 7, celebrating the practice of fan theories is far more entertaining than watching ice melt.

Season 7 premieres July 16, 2017 on HBO.

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