The Rock Reveals New Details About His "Awesome" Black Adam Movie

DC Comics, WWE

Count on DC to give everyone their own movie. In a new red carpet interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, currently on the promotional trail for The Fate of the Furious, the former WWE Champion told MTV News that his DC supervillain Black Adam will star in his own solo movie before clashing with his heroic nemesis, Shazam (formerly known as Captain Marvel). He also said that the movie was going to be “fucking awesome.”

“We’ve had great discussions with Geoff Johns over at DC,” Johnson explained. “This is a really fun, cool time for DC right now because they’re world-building … We’re seeing that with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. We have a few surprises down the line.”

That’s when Johnson revealed the gameplan for DC’s epic characters, Shazam and Black Adam. “So what we decided to do was to create a scenario where Black Adam has his stand-alone movie, and Captain Marvel, Shazam, has his stand-alone movie,” he said. “We’re building our world that way, and then we can come together at some point.”

Warner Bros. announced that Shazam and Black Adam were each going to get their own movie back in January, and although we still don’t know anything about the Shazam movie, Johnson sounds pretty enthusiastic about the franchise.

It’s quickly becoming a DC move to give every one of its characters a movie, whether that seems like a sound decision or not. Johnson, who was ranked by Forbes last year as the highest-paid actor in the world, might be strong enough to carry an unknown character like Black Adam. But, given the fatigue that’s already starting to arise about DC’s new cinematic universe, it’s to be determined if the franchise can sustain itself to see Black Adam fight Shazam like he’s meant to in the first place.

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