The Most Iconic Weapons in the 'Dark Souls' Series

A collection of the most respected weapons in all of 'Dark Souls.'

Nicholas Bashore

Now that the Dark Souls series has officially reached its conclusion with the release of The Ringed City for Dark Souls 3, many fans are eagerly awaiting the next project From Software has hidden up their sleeve. While it’s safe to assume that we’ll probably see something with similar mechanics to both Dark Souls and Bloodborne, it’s hard to imagine the developer will ever surpass the amazingly detailed arsenal of weaponry it created over the years in Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls 3. Taken together, they make up some of the most varied and unique movesets available in role-playing games.

While every weapon you can wield throughout the Dark Souls series is equally viable if you are a skilled player with an appropriate build to take advantage of a weapon’s strengths, there have been a few that especially stood out over the last seven years. Now, with the series ending, we felt it appropriate to glance back at the weapons which helped us survive Miyazaki’s dangerous journeys.

Fume Ultra Greatsword

After it was introduced to players in Dark Souls 2’s Crown of the Old Iron King DLC, the Fume Ultra Greatsword quickly became one of the most well-respected (and feared) strength weapons in the series. This massive, twisted blade could eliminate almost every enemy player you’d come up against in a few swings provided you could time them properly or land a successful parry attack, and could also deal tremendous amounts of damage to the enemies and bosses throughout the game. While it made an appearance in Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2 was the game where this weapon could really shine.

Quelaag’s Furysword

By combining the Soul of Quelaag with any +10 curved sword you had laying around in your inventory in the original Dark Souls, this beauty was a dream come true for many players focusing heavily on pyromancies who were looking for an appropriate weapon to use in melee combat. Covered in shells, spikes, and coated in the flame of chaos, this weapon was best known for its ability to burn through anything it connected with in both PvE and PvP, doing high amounts of fire damage through armor and shields who lacked the proper resistance to counter it.


One of the more common weapons used by players interested in starting each successive Dark Souls experience with a katana-based dexterity build, the Uchigatana has always served as a great option for those seeking a well-balanced weapon with a moveset for any situation. While capable of dishing out many different types of attacks for chasing enemies, hitting in quick succession for bleed damage, and dealing large amounts of damage with a single power attack when required, nothing made this weapon more formidable than how early you could access it within each Dark Souls game, giving you a head start on the competition.

Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords (

The Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords, which were recently added to the final chapter of Dark Souls 3, The Ringed City, serve as one of the most powerful weapons From Software has ever created. This weapon allows you to wield two massive ultra greatswords which can be ignited into a series of flame-infused arcing swings to decimate your opponent. In Dark Souls 3 PvP, the weapon was so dangerous From Software patched it within the first week of the DLC being released. But, that didn’t stop players from having a good time with it beforehand.

Anri’s Straight Sword

Easily the most interesting weapon available in Dark Souls 3, Anri’s Straight Sword is a unique longsword in the sense that it scales with Luck, one of the new stats added in the last entry of the series. Even though Luck is an attribute largely ignored by players in Dark Souls 3, it can be combined with Faith and Dexterity to produce a build which absolutely dominates in both PvE and PvP by putting out large, quick bursts of damage at a relatively low stamina cost. Although the weapon has been significantly reduced in power by a few patches since the game first released, this weapon remains an iconic sword which will stick around with the Dark Souls 3 community for some time to come.

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