Kylo Ren Makes Finger Puppets in 'Force Awakens' Bad Lip Reading

Lucasfilm/Bad Lip Reading

Kylo Ren makes finger puppets in his spare time and Han Solo suddenly sounds a lot like Luke Skywalker. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the latest movie to get a treatment from Bad Lip Reading, the popular YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers that dubs horrible, hilarious lip readings over movies and other videos. This time, though, the usual voices are joined by an unexpected guest: Mark Hamill as an appropriately gruff Han Solo.

The 6-minute video, “THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading,” opens on Rey hitting Finn to the ground and BB-8 shocking him, telling Rey to “hit him again” in a concerningly deep, aggressive voice. Finn tells BB-8 to stop, calling him Ricky and a “demon machine.” BB-8 shocks him again in retaliation, and Finn shouts at him, declaring that “I will end you, demon!”

From there, Han and Leia have several awkward interactions, Chewbacca and a Resistance doctor hit on one another, Kylo Ren listens to vinyl and sniffs Rey, Admiral Ackbar makes a bunch of “meep” noises, and Han gets into an argument with Finn about ninjas before going to a gift shop.

But the big finale comes when Han confronts Kylo Ren on the bridge and discovers that his son now makes finger puppets in his spare time.

Watch the video here:

Kylo reveals to Han that he made him a bird finger puppet, but that he never painted it. He then goes on to menacingly smack the bird puppet against a Han Solo action figure as Han slowly backs away. It’s incredibly uncomfortable to watch. Kylo then breaks out a Vulcan salute from Star Trek, to which Han says, “That’s something different.”

Clearly, Kylo wishes he were a part of a different popular science fiction franchise.

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