Why It's Plausible Kamandi Could Be in 'Legends of Tomorrow'

DC Comics

The Legion of Doom was vanquished in the second season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, but the drama never ends in the Arrowverse. While trying to get to Aruba in 2017 for some R&R, the Legends crash the Waverider in a 2017 Los Angeles where time has unfolded unto itself. This L.A., which is populated with buildings of all eras where dinosaurs roam the streets, isn’t exactly home for the Legends. It’s enough to get a DC fan wondering: Have the Legends entered the post-civilization world of Kamandi?

This is a wild guess, but with 2017 being the 100th birthday of legendary comic creator Jack Kirby, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow could be setting up to commemorate the icon by introducing one of his most unique creations for DC Comics.

Created by Kirby in 1972, Kamandi is like Tarzan swinging his way through the Planet of the Apes. He’s a young boy who survives the “Great Disaster” that reduced humans to feral creatures and granted most animals the ability to walk and talk. Living in an outpost that used to be New York City, called Command D, Kamandi survives as one of the last capable humans on Earth.

DC recently celebrated Kirby’s birthday with “The Kamandi Challenge,” in which 24 major comic book talents teamed up for 12 issues — including Greg Pak, Peter J. Tomasi, Marguerite Bennett, Gail Simone, Tom King, James Tynion IV, and more — to reintroduce Kamandi to the post-Rebirth DC Universe.

Kamand in 'Kamandi Challenge' #1.

DC Comics

The Season 2 finale of Legends of Tomorrow didn’t carry many hints that directly reference Kamandi. Kamandi didn’t fight dinosaurs, nor was he in Los Angeles. In fact, the finale felt more reminiscent of the chaotic time period seen in “The Wedding of River Song” from Doctor Who. But with time being an utter mess, maybe the Waverider gang can get help from a real survivor like Kamandi. The timing seems right.

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