Retro Facehuggers Attack in New New 'Alien: Covenant' Trailers

According to several brand new TV spots for Alien: Covenant, the crew of the Covenant is going to have to “Hide,” “Pray,” and “Run” from both the new and old xenomorphs that are running around. But everybody in the crew is probably going to wind up dead anyway. These spots, and an accompanying red-band trailer, include some gruesome new flashes of the titular aliens stalking the crew and attacking them, along with a Facehugger, hugging some face.

The planet the crew lands on is devoid of any and all life other than the various kinds of -morphs they find. There’s wheat, a pointedly human plant, and also ruins of a familiar-looking ship to fans who saw Prometheus. Check out the three TV spots — which aired during last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead — here:

The “Hide” TV spot shows the charred remains of many humanoid figures and a neomorph lunging at a member of the crew:

“Pray” might as well be called “prey,” as it features what looks like the neomorph stalking one of the human crewmembers in the outdoors and a xenomorph grimacing in a torrential downpour.

When all else fails, “Run” might be the final option for the crewmembers. This TV spot includes a mention of the “sacrifices” the crew made to be on the expedition, sacrifices that are only beginning. There’s a lot of recycled footage here, but we do get a shot of a Facehugger doing what it does best.

To see all of these and then some together, check out the newest red-band trailer here:

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19, 2017.