Metal Bagpipes Cover of 'Power Rangers' Theme Is a Total Banger


A thousand and one metal covers of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song are out there on the internet. But few could ever be as cool as this one right here, which combines metal with BAGPIPES! YouTube musician The Snake Charmer, based in India, has rocked out to the nostalgic superhero theme song in a new composition that swaps lyrics for some sweet bagpipes.

The Power Rangers theme is just the latest cover performed by The Snake Charmer, an Indian musician who specializes in the Scottish instrument. (Although historically, bagpipes have been played throughout Europe and the Persian Gulf.) Previous covers from The Snake Charmer include the theme to Game of Thrones, Braveheart, Eluveitie’s “Inis Mona,” and AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” But since the world is riding high on ‘90s nostalgia, thanks to a certain reboot movie, it’s the Power Rangers’ turn to get the dopest cover yet.

As I said, there is an overwhelming amount of covers to “Go Go, Power Rangers!” on YouTube, and almost all of them are boring variations of metal. Few of them are actually worth listening to. (This one, played by the violin, is pretty good.) But The Snake Charmer’s take on the theme goes the extra step, and it’s genuinely exciting to hear those classic riffs interpreted by bagpipes.

Ron Wasserman, composer of the original Power Rangers theme song (and X-Men, too), shared The Snake Charmer’s video on his Facebook page and gave it major props: “Absolutely FANTASTIC cover of Go Go PR. Not what you’ll be expecting…. Brilliant!”

Check it out in the video below: