The 5 Weirdest Things People Have Left in Ubers

You couldn't fit these in a pocket.

by Monica Hunter-Hart
Flickr / _Bunn_

Ever forgotten your phone in an Uber? You’re normal. Ever forgotten a Nordic walking pole in an Uber? Well, you’re an unusual sort, but not unique.

As you may imagine, people leave behind all sorts of bizarre items in transit. Uber has a system that allows you to contact your driver if you make that mistake. But merely providing solutions wasn’t enough; for Uber, these mishaps were simply too bizarre not to document.

So, Uber took some data and created “The Uber Lost & Found Index”. They’re now documenting every lost item in their cars and have identified some patterns: predictably, phones, rings, keys, and wallets are the most commonly lost items. Los Angeles has been designated the “Most Forgetful North American City,” since more objects have been lost there than anywhere else. Items are left behind most frequently on Sundays. October 30 (a Sunday) saw the most lost items of any day in 2016.

Here are the five weirdest things folks have apparently left in Ubers, besides the (reportedly valuable) Nordic walking poles:

5. Bulletproof Vest

Yikes. Not a good thing to forget.

4. Elf Cut-Out

This isn’t even the funniest recent gag related to elves.

3. Corn Hole Boards

Easy enough to lose, right?

2. Lobster

Uber did not specify whether it was alive.

1. Sweet Potato Care Package

This had to have only happened once, right? What’d that guy do to deserve a care package as wonderful as this?

Uber also noted that briefcases are more likely to be lost on Fridays (employees at their wits’ end by the week’s end?), plane tickets are more likely to be lost on Saturdays (weekend getaways?), and wedding dresses are more likely to be lost on Sundays (…that is baffling).

Now go and retrieve that corn hole board you knew you left somewhere.

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