How to Get the New Necrochasm in 'Destiny: Age of Triumph'

The 3.0 Necrochasm is better than ever.

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Necrochasm was a highly coveted, unique exotic auto rifle that was first introduced to Destiny in The Dark Below DLC. Now, it’s finally been brought to the latest and final era of the game, Age of Triumph. Best of all? It’s been buffed.

Not only was Necrochasm one of the very few primary weapons to boast elemental damage in its heyday, but it also had a unique ability, “Cursebringer,” which triggered Cursed Thrall explosions. It functioned much like Firefly, making the enemy explode while inflicting damage and staggering any nearby enemies. For many, Necrochasm was something of a white whale — highly sought after mainly because it was trapped behind two highly RNG-dependant steps in a long, tedious quest line. Just initiating the quest to get the weapon relied on an item, Husk of the Pit, randomly dropping from Hive enemies. And the final step involved a random, very rare drop from defeating a raid boss, Crota, on Hard Mode; it was no easy feat, with no more than three chances per week.

Planet Destiny

A lot has changed in the process towards acquiring the weapon. Most notably, the odds of initiating the literally random quest via the Husk of the Pit drop seems to have increased. And rather than relying on a drop from killing Crota, the final item needed is the reward for a reasonable but challenging multi-step quest. The huge, buff Necrochasm acquired now lets all kills trigger Cursebringer rather than just precision kills, so every time you kill something with this gun, it explodes in a burst of white light.

Without further preamble, here is how to acquire the newest version of Necrochasm:

  • Acquire Husk of the Pit, a common auto rifle that drops as a small white pyramid, by killing Hive enemies (mine dropped from a Wizard).
  • “Charge” the Husk by killing a specific type of Hive enemy. The type can be determined by a perk on the weapon itself.
  • Upgrade all of the nodes on the Husk.
  • Talk to the Speaker.
  • Purge the Darkness from the Husk by using 25 Motes of Light. This will turn it into the Legendary weapon, Eidolon Ally, which will will trigger the “Essence of the Oversoul” quest.
  • Speak to Eris Morn.
  • Complete “Essence of the Oversoul” quest by Traversing the Abyss in Crota’s End, completing the updated version of Crota’s End, and killing Omnigul in the “Will of Crota” strike. This will give you the Essence of the Oversoul.
  • Use the Essence of the Oversoul to upgrade the final node on Eidolon Ally, transforming it into Necrochasm.

For a specific breakdown of the best places to farm kills on specific Hive enemies, check out this post by redditor notuobmit. Enjoy what this low impact, extremely high rate of fire, Arc-firing weapon can do.

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