What to Know About 'The Flash' Theory That Wally West Is Savitar  

Why the Season 3 villain Savitar could be Kid Flash.

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Season 3 of The CW’s The Flash has an intriguing monster speedster named Savitar with a secret identity this season. Various fan theories have offered suggestions ranging from H.R. to Barry Allen himself. But, according to one fan theory, it’s none other than Wally West.

The theory posits that Kid Flash will become Savitar in the future, betraying the team and killing his sister Iris. While that initially sounds dubious, here’s why it makes sense. In the mid season finale, Savitar told Barry that one Team Flash member will become a turncoat, one will bite it, and one will have a fate “worse than death.”

The death will be Iris while the turncoat will be Caitlin Snow. Here’s what one fan on Reddit suggests: While seeking to defeat Savitar, Wally will get trapped in the speed force the way Barry did in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Extracting himself from it will cost his sanity. As a result, he’ll seek revenge against Barry to recover from his ordeal trapped in “eternity.” Here’s more about what the redditor lays out:

“He then realizes that he will need his speed to kill Barry but there is no particle accelerator in the era in which he is in (ancient times). He does, however, know about the philosopher’s stone and uses that to regain his speed. He takes on the name of Savitar, to give him that feeling of power as the future Savitar had. He travels throughout multiverse and battles other speedsters to prepare for his battle with Barry. And now he is back to kill Barry and everyone he loves. Since he is so deranged, he doesn’t care about Iris or anyone else in his life.”

Losing his sanity and killing Iris would indeed be a fate “worse than death” for poor Wally.

Wally West in 'The Flash' 

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