This Sex Robot Might Unexpectedly Be Appealing to Men

A new study explains why men would want to interact with it.


First came the sex doll brothel and now comes the G-spot. Silicon Samantha, a new, highly interactive robot built for sex, comes equipped with a number of erogenous zones, including one that mimics the function of a G-spot.

Its marketers promise that yes, she can indeed have orgasms. That’s something a lot of men, perhaps contrary to some popular expectations, could be into. The invention of Spanish engineer Sergi Santos, Silicon Samantha was built with emotional closeness in mind. According to Santos, Samantha has three “modes of interaction”: romantic, family, and sexy. She has touch sensitivity in a number of areas as well.

Santos explains the almost gamified way that interactions will take place in a more-than-slightly-cringeworthy video. “Initially she would like to be romantic, she would like to be family,” he says. “The final objective of the sexual mode is to get her to orgasm.”

At first glance, it may seem a little bit counterintuitive to even build a robot like Samantha. Using a sex robot likely seems to be an inherently selfish endeavor. At most it’s a more complex form of masturbation. But a new study from The Journal of Sex Research sheds some light on one reason why a robot like Samantha could be sought after.

The study — titled “Do Women’s Orgasms Function as a Masculinity Achievement for Men?” — examines just that: the motivations behind the male desire to bring women to orgasm in the first place. The Journal concludes that, though the act seems to be a selfless one, it’s actually borne of some subconsciously selfish motivations. In reality, it’s a form a masculinity achievement.

In an evaluation of 810 straight men over the age of 18, the study “found that men reported higher feelings of masculinity after reading a vignette in which a female partner orgasmed versus a vignette in which a female partner did not orgasm.”

In other words, making a woman orgasm can make men feel better about themselves as men. Actions in the bedroom sometimes having subconscious motivation is not in and of itself too surprising. However, the results of the study make for a compelling business model when taken together with Silicon Samantha.

It seems that Mr. Santos has unwittingly come across a golden opportunity. Silicon Samantha is on par with any other sex doll in the sense that, well, you can have sex with her, but she’s got a leg up on the competition because of her functioning G-spot. For a man given the choice between a vanilla sex doll and Silicon Samantha, science says the decision should be clear.

The below video shows how it works. It’s a little weird.

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