Syfy's 'Cosplay Melee' Is Nerd Culture's 'Project Runway'

"It feels like a celebration of nerd culture."


Yvette Nicole Brown of Community fame has found a new home as the enthusiastic host of Syfy’s newest television competition, Cosplay Melee. The first episode premiered Tuesday to rave fan reviews and high anticipation for the remainder of the first season.

“It’s an art form for nerds, and I say that with all the love that I can muster because I’m a nerd,” Brown told IndieWire of the show and its concept. “Nerds, they’re just people who are really, really into stuff. So you could be a nerd about jigsaw puzzles, you could be a nerd about Star Trek, you could be a nerd about gardening. Cosplay is a particular art form for those that really, really love characters and creating. It’s everything: It’s sewing, it’s painting, it’s creature work, it’s weaponry, it’s like the entire gamut of creativity for those that really love genre. I see Cosplay Melee as a love letter to cosplayers and a love letter to those that love cosplayers.”

Brown is joined by world-famous cosplay model LeeAnna Vamp and costuming, special and makeup effects artist Christian Beckman as judges to four different players every week. The contestants, whether they be professional cosplayers or people with passion and some extra time on their hands, compete over a two-day period to create the ultimate costume to wow the judges and take home $10,000.

Twitter loved the first episode of Cosplay Melee, enjoying everything from the show’s fun premise to how seriously it takes the art of cosplay.

You can watch Cosplay Melee Tuesdays on Syfy at 10 p.m. EST.

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