Watch These Guys Recreate 'John Wick' Using Nerf Weapons

Watch him stab a man with a Nerf dart.


Ever wonder what John Wick would look like if all the action had been a little more … playful? There’s no need to wonder anymore thanks to YouTube studio Corridor’s latest short film, Nerf John Wick. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A parody of the slick, sharp-dressed Keanu Reeves movies with harmless Nerf guns instead of deadly firearms.

What’s impressive is that Corridor closely imitates the tactical, close-quarters style of John Wick’s movements, which were designed by Hollywood fight studio 87eleven. Corridor’s Nerf John Wick succeeds as an exceedingly fun distraction that clocks in at less than four minutes.

The short, which takes place in dimly-lit brick wall corridors and sunny rooftops, recreates a few signature Wick kills, like aiming and firing dead center onto a poor sap’s forehead while he’s on his knees (the real Wick did that a few times in the first movie). A later gag directly spoofs John Wick 2, where Nerf Wick’s “gun” is “jammed,” so he loads the shotgun — while the other guy squirms, trapped — until Wick finally fires at point blank range.

The most genius gag happens about halfway through, and it’s great because the real John Wick absolutely cannot pull it off. Since it’s Nerf, Nerf Wick catches a dart mid-air and uses it to “stab” a closer enemy in the head. Obviously, there’s some trick editing involved, but for the gag, it’s clever as hell.

Hey, Keanu can't do that...


Nerf John Wick, which came out on Sunday, is only the latest batshit insane video from Corridor, a group of action filmmakers who like to have fun with spoofs and parodies of video games and movies. They’ve previously Nerf’d franchises like Overwatch and Team Fortress while also pursuing original concepts. (My personal favorite is ANIME Baseball, which turns an after-work softball game into an over-the-top dramatic sports anime.)

BOOM, headshot.


Check out Nerf John Wick below.