5 Burning Questions 'Iron Fist' Season 2 Needs to Answer

What's up with Joy and K'un-Lun, to start? 


It’s currently unconfirmed whether or not Marvel’s Iron Fist will get a Season 2 on Netflix. After all, Season 1 of the martial arts superhero show saw a lackluster reception, trailed by comments about awkward whitewashing, a limping plot, and a bland hero. But because Daredevil got a Season 2 and second seasons for both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are impending, it’s reasonable to assume Danny Rand will return for another solo jaunt after The Defenders.

If Danny Rand, Colleen Wing, and Ward and Joy Meachum are returning for a second round, there’s a lot left hanging. Did Harold Meachum survive a third death? Will his poor dead intern be back, wreaking vengeance because he never got the ice cream flavor he wanted? We need answers for these questions and more.

Amidst these questions, here are the most burning questions that Iron Fist Season 2 would have to answer:

Not pictured: One missing mystical city


1. What Happened to K’un L’un?

The most immediately pressing question is what the hell happened to the city of K’un-Lun. Season 1 ends with Danny Rand bringing his love interest, Colleen Wing, to scale snowy mountains in the hopes of reaching the place he spent his youth … only to find dead monks and one missing magical city. Talk about a buzzkill.

“It’s gone,” Danny proclaims, surveying the scene. “Gone where?” asks a bewildered Colleen, speaking for the audience too. The season finale ends with that question hanging in the air while Danny stares at his glowing iron fist in anguish. Um. Alrighty then. If Season 2 happens, it must answer where the city went and what happened here.

2. Are We Actually Supposed to Like Danny?

Season 1 of Marvel’s Iron Fist seemed undecided about how it wanted the audience to view the hero. Not only is Danny bland, but he misses social cues left and right and self-importantly whitesplains Asian culture to Asian people and talks like a California bro who just took one yoga class and thinks it makes him an expert in the practice. In other words, he’s a total fuckboi. Oddly enough, the show seems aware of this at some points, like when the delightful Jeri Hogarth says, “Let’s make a list of things you are never allowed to say again.” or when Claire Temple says, “Have you stopped to consider that this idea totally sucks?” But most of the time the show takes Danny seriously, clearly viewing him as the hero. Is he a bumbling idiot or a stalwart hero? The show needs to pick an angle.

Joy, Davos, and Madame Gao 


3. Will Joy Be the Villain?

Joy Meachum has one of the most fascinating character arcs in the show. She’s a fully developed, semi-ruthless businesswoman with depth and heart. Her relationship with her brother Ward and their evil father was the emotional backbone of the show. The end of Season 1, however, left her with shady characters Davos and Madame Gao in another plot against Danny. Although her father Harold made an inconsistent villain at best, Joy has real potential. How far will she go in this turn to the dark side?

Danny Rand, Ward and Joy Meachum in 'Marvel's Iron Fist" 


4. Will There Be as Many Board Meetings?

Season 1 had an almost comically inconsistent tone, oscillating between a setting grounded in bureaucracy — boardroom scenes, office politics — and a setting grounded in magical kung fu and conspiracies. Although Danny’s plotline has pivoted away from suits and secretaries by the end of Season 1, Ward Meachum is once again enmeshed in Rand Enterprises. Will Ward and Rand Enterprises continue to play a key role? Or will Season 2 have a more mystical focus?

Misty Knight in 'Luke Cage' 


5. Which Other Marvel Characters Will Make It In?

Many fans were expecting Iron Fist’s eventual love interest and Colleen Wing’s partner in crime Misty Knight to appear. But for now, the character is relegated to Iron Fist’s cousin series Luke Cage. If Season 2 happens, it’s likely that Luke Cage will appear. It begs the question what other characters will add spark and life to Iron Fist?

The Defenders will combine Iron Fist with Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, and Luke Cage before a Season 2 of any MCU Netflix show might begin, so any possible answers to these questions won’t come for quite awhile.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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