Latest 'Ghost in the Shell' Spots Reveal the Major's Weaknesses

Paramount Pictures

As the Major leaps into battle, she’s always nagged with the knowledge that she’s not as perfect as she could be. Every near-missed bullet is a near-missed death because her creators didn’t make her indestructible. Three new TV spots from Paramount Pictures’s upcoming Ghost in the Shell adaptation, titled “Fast,” “Leader,” and “Past,” highlight some of the movie’s most important characters and their roles going forward.

“They did not save your life,” Kuze, the film’s villain, says in the “Leader” spot. “They stole it,” alluding to Ghost in the Shell being the story of a human soul trapped inside a robotic figure.

Meanwhile, “Fast” shows off the Major’s enhanced speed, including her ability to dodge bullets fired from a gun at close range.

“Rough night,” Pilou Asbæk’s Batou says to Major as they’re driving in a car, to which she wryly responds: “You’ll get used to it.”

The final spot, “Past,” has Juliette Binoche’s Dr. Ouelet telling Major that Section 9 saved her, “and now you save others.”

More than anything, the three new spots emphasize the idea that the Major is being manipulated, both mentally and physically, and that her body is not her own to control.

And while Kuze’s motives are still unknown, these spots make it seem like he’s trying to help the Major break free from her chains.

Ghost in the Shell premieres in theaters March 31.

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