Prometheus Shows Arrow How Truly Depraved He Really Is

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This week on Arrow, Oliver Queen tries to pull a fast one on Prometheus, aka D.A. Adrian Chase, by inviting Adrian’s wife to a stand-off. When she begs Adrian to turn himself in to the police, though, he simply looks Oliver in the eye and stabs his own wife through the chest. Adrian is on a roll, torturing Oliver, kidnapping Susan, and threatening to hurt the rest of Team Arrow, and no one, not even his devoted wife, will stand in his way.

Actor Josh Segarra told Comic Book.com earlier this month that he was excited upon initially reading the Arrow script revealing his character’s villainy, because it’s a rare opportunity for a character like Adrian to survive a big twist. Arrow has only gotten stronger in Season 5, and it’s clear that fleshing out Adrian’s storyline after allowing Oliver and Team Arrow in on his secret has made the whole plotline feel less predictable.

Prometheus on 'Arrow'

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The episode ends with Adrian locking Oliver in a creepy jail cell, after he repeats that he’s not just going to kill him. Adrian has his and Oliver’s former trainer, Talia al Ghul, on his side, and his plan for Oliver is much more diabolical than murder: He wants to show Oliver his true nature, which means he’ll probably try to provoke him into killing someone important.

Discovering one’s inner violence continues throughout this season, as this week’s episode also sees Felicity falling deeper into the clutches of her Black Hat hackers’ club, Helix. When she drops in on Helix trying to track down Oliver’s location, she makes a stuttering promise to the comic book supervillain collective that she’ll do “anything they want” once the mission to find Oliver is complete. That’s more than a little ominous, and it ties up the episode’s central theme nicely.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. EST.

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