Green Ranger Sabotages 'Power Rangers' Twitch Marathon


The Twitch community was indulging in ‘90s nostalgia watching the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when something went wrong. On its first night of streaming, at approximately 8:30 p.m. EST, the live stream temporarily crashed twice for roughly two minutes each. At the time, Twitch had just arrived at the cult classic and iconic “Green With Evil” saga, which featured the debut of Rita’s evil (and mega popular) Green Ranger.

While the real reason is a little more boring — according to ComicBook, it was due to encoding errors — it’s poetic that the arrival of the Green Ranger would cause the internet stream to briefly break down. In “Green With Evil,” a new kid at Angel Grove High named Tommy Oliver (played by Jason David Frank) is kidnapped by Rita Repulsa and is brainwashed into becoming her evil minion, the Green Ranger. As the Green Ranger, Tommy actively sabotaged the Power Rangers in an epic five-part episode that, for better or worse, would go on to define Power Rangers for an entire TV generation.

In celebration of the new Power Rangers reboot movie hitting theaters on March 24, Twitch is running an exhaustive marathon of the original series which spans 24 seasons. The marathon started on March 14 with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and will run up until the last completed season, Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. The current season, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, airs on Nickelodeon.

As of now, the Twitch steam of Power Rangers is back online. At the time of this writing, Tommy had just converted to the White Ranger in the Season 2 two-part episode “White Light.” Your childhood is fleeting.