New Red Band 'Life' Trailer Is Full of Death

And boy has it grown.

by Monica Hunter-Hart

A new red band trailer for the sci-fi horror film Life offers an intense taste of its forthcoming gore. Director Daniel Espinosa, known for the thriller Child 44, is no newcomer to cinema violence, and these new clips indicate that he won’t hesitate to deliver another generous helping in Life.

The first trailer left us off at the moment when astronaut Hugh Derry, played by Ariyon Bakare, was suddenly attacked by what had appeared to be a small, innocuous alien organism. The Petri dish-sized alien doesn’t immediately kill off the sole black character, but it does grotesquely mutilate his finger. It’s a lot of horrifying alien power in a small package, though this new trailer shows that the “life” doesn’t stay small after all.

The new spot confirms that this alien can mutate and grow to a gargantuan size. That pretty much destroys the film’s chance of even slightly adhering to scientific feasibility. The “life” now looks something like a translucent, veiny, enormous toy jack.

Life stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds, who try unsuccessfully to contain the alien once it becomes aggressive. They lose control of the ISS, and as it hurtles towards Earth, the “life” seems poised to threaten the rest of mankind. “What have we done?” echoes Ferguson’s voice ominously, over and over. Yikes.

This new trailer raises the stakes considerably further than the initial teaser we saw back in October (well, that played at the Superbowl, so it had to hold off on the more explicit material). So here’s a heap of terror and violence in the new trailer, just in time to get everybody hyped to see the film upon its release in ten days.

Life premieres at South by Southwest on March 18 and arrives in theaters on March 24.

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