Ryder Twin is Captured in New 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Trailer

The official launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda has hit, and in it, the other Ryder twin is captured by the game’s Big Bad: the Kett Archon.

Along with the predictable voice-over about exploration in an uncharted land and new hope for humanity, a council meeting between leaders of each race confirms that “none of the golden worlds panned out,” so the Initiative will be in dire straits searching for the resources needed to wake more people up to ensure survival. One thing is clear: “Now more than ever, [they] need a Pathfinder.”

Though he seems remarkably similar to the Harbinger from Mass Effect 2 — the Kett even look like the Collectors — the Kett Archon wants to destroy humanity for his own reasons. In one particular scene, he has the other Ryder twin — who at the start of the game is stuck in cryo-sleep — subdued and uses some kind of scanner on them. Ominously, Sarah cries out, “He has access!” It just might mean the Kett Archon gets access to SAM, the A.I. implanted in Sarah’s head.

Check out the trailer below:

We’ll have to wait until the game’s release on March 21 to see exactly what the Kett Archon gets access to in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it doesn’t seem good for humanity.

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