Roasting the Republicans' Proposed Obamacare Replacement Is Now a Meme

'Obamacare vs. the American Health Care Act.'

Getty Images / Win McNamee

When things go south, we can always count on ~ The Internet ~ to churn out memes making light of the situation. The latest: poking fun at the Trump administration’s new healthcare plan. There was plenty of speculation about what would happen to Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act once Donald Trump took over, and now people finally know what’s up. The GOP revealed its American Healthcare Act on Monday night and people were quick to compare it to the ACA — both with detailed examinations of the bill’s components and through dank memes.

The new bill keeps some of the same policies as Obamacare, including allowing parents to keep their children on their insurance plans until age 26. New provisions include a ban on federal money being used to finance insurance that covers abortions, penalizing people who let their coverage lapse, and a new tax credit system that will provide money for Americans to pay for insurance.

As people started comparing the AHA to the ACA on a policy level, plenty also began evaluating the new plan as a cruder version of Obama’s. This line of thinking gave way to memes. The thread linking these memes together is that Obamacare is the better version of something, while Trump’s plan is the budgetary one.

This can be seen between Beyoncé and Rachel Dolezal.

The original Willy Wonka and Johnny Depp’s reboot version.

Mel Gibson’s spiraled-down career.

People had little reservation on how savage they got.

Even the presidents got blended into the fun.

As did one of the Trump sons.

The penalty for people who have a lapse in their coverage will sure have them looking like a defeated Darth Vader.

Some famous cartoon icons also helped portray the disparity.

Including Pikachu and… a sad version of Pikachu.

And again, the presidents themselves.

Sure, people might be cracking jokes about this very serious policy change, but there’s been plenty of discussion on how memes are helping people cope with the Trump administration. And the “Obamacare vs. GOP Replacement” one is reminiscent of past memes, including “You vs. The Guy She Told You Not to Worry About” and “Name Brand vs. Great Value.”

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