VW's I.D. Buzz Hippie Van Looks Chill AF in this New Promo Video


Volkswagen released a new video of its rebooted hippie van on Friday, and it looks, well, pretty dope. The company describes the I.D. Buzz as a “Microbus for a new era,” merging the classic sixties icon with a sleek, modern, zero-emissions electric vehicle that’s capable of full autonomy.

The car is set to make its European debut at the Geneva International Motor Show from March 9 til the 19th. The vehicle has made two prior public appearances. The first, at the Detroit International Auto Show in January, was followed by a photo shoot in Miami, Florida.

Volkswagen is keen to tout the vehicle’s modular electric drive matrix. This enables larger interiors, as the batteries and drive system are located inside the floor. The 111kWh battery can charge to 80 percent in half an hour, with a driving range of 270 miles at full charge. The 129.9-inch wheelbase helps with cornering ability, while still being able to achieve an acceleration of 0 to 60mph in just five seconds.

The vehicle is designed for full autonomy: a press on the steering wheel will enable “I.D. Pilot” mode, using lasers, radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras to navigate. Heads-up displays project information through augmented reality, a central console provides entertainment via Bluetooth-connected speakers and the car is even capable of recognizing who has entered the vehicle, tailoring the experience depending on the passenger. This is not your standard hippie van.

Unfortunately, those looking to relive their youth may have to wait a while. A Volkswagen spokesperson confirmed to Inverse that the car is still a concept and does not have a release date.

Watch the car in action below: