5 Questions 'The OA' Season 2 Will Definitely Answer

From Homer's NDE to braille messages, here are mysteries that will definitely be addressed. 

The first season of Brit Marling’s Netflix show The OA ended with more questions than answers. As her character Prairie’s fantastical story about captivity and Near-Death Experiences were called into question, the viewer was left flailing, trying to parse out the real from the make-believe. Fortunately, even though Season 2 has just a vague 15-second teaser and Brit Marling has only spoken about it loosely in her announcement, there’s enough to glean about answers that will be provided. Here are five loose ends that will definitely be addressed.

1. Was Prairie’s story real?

The most glaring question following Season 1 is whether the books French discovered beneath Prairie’s bed indicate that her ordeal was entirely fabricated. In Brit Marling’s announcement about Season 2, she said, “The first part is the story of a young woman who is traumatized and tells a group of boys this story … That is the self-contained story, but the more science fiction metaphysical threads are open-ended, so there can be a part two in which we can dive into those spaces.”

“Diving into those spaces” means that her captivity and NDE will be revisited. If it wasn’t real, then what would be the point of centering an entire season around it?

"Evidence" that Prairie's story was false


2. What’s up with Homer’s NDE?

In the fourth episode, Prairie’s fellow captive Homer Roberts (Emory Cohen) has his own NDE. He’s shown running through a stark hospital hallway pursued by assailants. Even more mysteriously, before the NDE in Hap’s office, he hears an audio recording of a voice saying, “Your name is not Homer.” This is arguably the show’s biggest mystery. As one astute fan pointed out, however, you can glimpse the Golden Gate Bridge outside the window during his NDE. It also features in the Season 2 trailer. It’s safe to say then that Season 2 will shine light upon Homer’s NDE.

Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts in 'The OA' 


3. How far does Hap’s research go?

When (Jason Isaacs) visits — and murders — his former mentor in an isolated hospital ward, it’s a curious scene for several reasons. For one, it indicates that there’s a network of like-minded people conducting similar experiments. For another, it’s curious that the audience is even privy to this scene, considering the fact that the story is being told by Prairie. It seems unlikely that Hap would tell her about this event. While it remains to be seen if Season 2 sheds light on that second question, Brit Marling’s words about diving into “these spaces” means that Hap’s research will be revisited.

Jason Isaacs as Hap


4. Is Riz Ahmed’s FBI therapist on Prairie’s side or not?

If Prairie’s story is indeed real, it stands to reason that there’s something fishy about Riz Ahmed’s FBI character trying to convince the boys it was fake. If there’s a larger conspiracy at work, he’s part of it. Revisiting the sci-fi elements in Season 2 means revisiting this conspiracy element of the show.

Riz Ahmed in 'The OA'


5. What’s with the braille?

The biggest minor-detail mystery of Season 1 concerns the braille on the wall of the FBI office. Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that it reads “Rachel,” the name of Prairie’s fellow captive who is the only person that doesn’t have an NDE. Remember that Rachel also stands apart from her fellow captives because the plants in her cell are dead. Clearly, something’s up with her. In her announcement about Season 2, Brit Marling also commented that every mystery is solvable and “there are things we thought would take longer to find. Like to unravel the braille that’s in the background of the FBI agents office.” Season 2 will, therefore, clarify this braille easter egg.

Season 2 of The OA does not have a release date yet.

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