Is Jeremiah Danvers Really Working for Cadmus on 'Supergirl' or What?

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Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time is always stressful, but that was extra true when Mon-El suspected that Kara and Alex’s dad, who just escaped from a decade of Cadmus custody, was really working for the bad guys. It turns out Mon-El was right, and the news that papa Jeremiah Danvers is working with Cadmus hits Alex and Kara hard. But, it certainly seems like there’s a lot more to Jeremiah’s sudden betrayal.

And, yes, technically Mon-El and Jeremiah met before, back when the Daxamite was briefly in Cadmus custody. Jeremiah knows Mon-El’s big secret, but that’s not all he knows. After some paranoia and sibling mistrust, we learn that he’s been augmented, Cyborg Superman-style, and he handily defeats J’onn before later jacking the D.E.O.’s alien registry.

Jeremiah isn’t a mustache-twirling villain, though (his villainy isn’t the same as Legends of Tomorrow’s Rip Hunter). During Jeremiah’s standoff with Alex, he says that he’s doing all this for her and Kara, even though it sure as hell doesn’t look like it. Jeremiah sounds remorseful when he says this. Far from being sure of his convictions, Jeremiah sounds like he’s sadly going along with a plan he begrudgingly agrees with, feeling that he has no other choice but to make a deal with Lillian Luthor.

Side note: Is this the most badass Kara has ever looked?

Warner Bros. Television

For now, it’s unclear what that plan is. Cadmus has information about every alien thanks to Jeremiah’s betrayal, but it doesn’t look like they’re making a bomb. It looks like they’re making a ship. Maybe we’ll find out next week where this is all going.

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