15 Things Ryan Gosling Could Be Whispering in This Photo

"Hail Hydra."

Ryan Gosling full of secrets and the internet’s trying to figure out what they are. Sunday night at the Oscars, host Jimmy Kimmel surprised a tour bus full of visitors with a trip to the front row of the awards show. The gaggle of people thought they were going to see an exhibit inside the Dolby Theatre and instead got treated to meeting some of the biggest celebrities 89th Annual Academy Awards.

The group was ready with their phones and selfie sticks when they entered the theater, but were definitely shaken by what was behind the door. Gary from Chicago immediately reveled in the moment, introducing himself to Kimmel and schmoozing with other actors such as Nicole Kidman and Denzel Washington. Gary’s fiancée Vicki also introduced herself and got to talk with Gosling, who apparently whispered something in her ear that really struck a chord.

The moment quickly went viral with the internet whipping up a ton of ideas as to the content of Gosling’s message. Here are some of the best memes:

It turns out the La La Land is part of the Beyhive:

… and had thoughts about the Super Bowl:

A classic meme reference:

Now this is the real La La Land gossip:

Apparently we have the white dude to thank for jazz:

Looks like Gosling has something in common with Captain America:

A throwback:

Now that’s a revelation:

The Oscars are too long:

Spoilers, much:

Take note of this, Kimmel:

Tell Gary to pack his bags:

Who does?

La La Land is supposed to sweep, but …

Or perhaps he just went in for a cheek kiss:

This isn’t the first time Gosling has gotten majorly memed. Using pictures of the actor accompanied by “hey girl …” was particularly popular in the late ‘00s, and in 2013, parody Vines of Gosling not eating his cereal spread like wildfire throughout the interwebs.

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