Best Conspiracy Theory Documentaries on Hulu and Amazon Prime

Aliens live among us.

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People believe in conspiracy theories for all sorts of reasons. Whether you’re looking for an explanation for what you saw with your own two eyes or you’re just looking to dip your little toe in the wormhole, we’ve got a list of the best, most bizarre documentaries on Amazon Prime and Hulu to quench your conspiracy theory thirst.

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The biggest topic out there when it comes to conspiracy theories? Aliens. Lots and lots of aliens. Aliens helped build the ancient pyramids and they also are controlling the entire world. Right now. Seriously. Some of these documentaries will give you the chance to listen to some pretty important people — U.S. military generals and real-life scientists — talk about the reality of aliens. And, no, they are not all little green men. Oh, and we can’t leave out a ghost story or two. Best of luck, and try getting a little bit of sleep.


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Ancient Aliens, “Alien Wars” (2015)

“On March 19th, 2002, Gary McKinnon was arrested for hacking into 97 Pentagon and NASA computers over a 13-month period, in what authorities call the “biggest military computer hack of all time.”

Ancient Aliens and the New World Order (2014)

“Did you know that George Bush, Al Gore, Dick Heney and Barack Obama are all related? Did you know that the power elite controlling the world today can trace their ancestry back to the Sky Gods of the ancient past? Did you know our moon was placed in orbit?””

Bible Conspiracies (2016)

“Hidden in the Bible are ancient secrets. The marriage of Jesus and Mary and their children; the destruction of the tower of Babel by an alien race called the Anunnaki, and the hidden code that holds the revelation about future events.”

A Conspiracy of Lies: Flight 370 to 911 (2015)

“We have discovered that the NSA spies on every American citizen, and we only need the national media to see that many of the New World Order plans are already in place.”

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Ghosts at Sea (2014)

“Pirates and Sailors fought many battles at sea but many lost didn’t go quietly into the murky depths. This killer collection of Ghostly Sea Hauntings will curl your toes and shiver your timbers with real ghost tales from the depths of the Paranormal.”

The Legend Of Big Foot (1976)

“Documentary on the Big Foot making assumptions.”

UFOTV Presence: I Know What I Saw (2015)

“The most credible UFO witnesses from around the world tell stories that challenge reality in ‘I Know What I Saw,’ a documentary guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Award Winning Film Director James Fox brings together the testimony of Air Force Generals, Astronauts, Military and Commercial Pilots, Government and FAA Officials from seven countries; their accounts reveal the truth.”

UFOs — The Secret History (2016)

“Largely considered one of the best documentaries ever produced on this subject, this groundbreaking feature-length documentary traces the history of one of the most powerful stories of our time, the UFO phenomenon, from the dawn of the modern era all the way up to present day. Packed with amazing information, expert analyses, and interviews with leading UFOlogists.”

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