Escaped Cow in Queens Sends the Internet Into Chaos

Residents woke up to a renegade cow in their streets.


The latest in an ongoing lineage of animals appearing in places where they shouldn’t occurred on Tuesday morning in Jamaica, Queens. The neighborhood was home to a singular “Running of the Bull” when a lone bovine led the police on a chase through the streets. It was first spotted around 11:30 a.m. EST, and the ensuing pursuit, during which police tried multiple times to corner the animal with their vehicles, lasted a little over an hour.

The bull reportedly escaped from a slaughterhouse on Jamaica Avenue, where a butcher said that a sizeable herd of cows was being moved. He speculated that the runaway was able to slip through the fence. The bull was shot multiple times with tranquilizers to no immediate effect. Finally, police were able to corner the beast in a residential backyard and capture it. Unfortunately for the horned fellow, it seems that it will be sent back to the slaughterhouse.

The footage of several New York Police Department SUVs weaving between parked cars in pursuit of the bull was undeniably humorous. Naturally, the internet and especially Twitter was quick to seize on the event, ripe for commentary. The animal’s 15 minutes of fame (or more like an hour, really) brought on varied reactions.

Many took the opportunity to crack the expected beef-related joke.

Others brought up the current political landscape, with Donald Trump in office and fake news abound.

Some took the opportunity to comment on how gently the police were treating the cow (which of course at any time could have charged a pedestrian) as opposed to how they’ve handled other incidents int he past.

Vegan Twitter users were quick to ask that the cow not be sent back to die, although it doesn’t look like their offers will be accepted.

Sadly, not everyone caught the action as it was unfolding.

The bull’s escape was reminiscent of a February 2015 incident when a pair of llamas were on the lamb in Phoenix, Arizona, leading to a similar, protracted chase.

People, of course, drew some parallels.

Check out more of the rogue cow’s escapades from Tuesday morning below.

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