'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Combat Looks Slick AF

Not even Shepard could do all of this.

BioWare released a new trailer showcasing Mass Effect: Andromeda’s combat, and it’s looking real good. The video hones in on weapons and skills, specifically how “fluid, fast-paced third-person combat” has been updated for exploration in a new galaxy. Not only will every player have access to a jump-jet booster pack that allows them to rocket around the battlefield, evade, and hover, but they will have unprecedented access to every ability.

Whereas melee attacks were once pretty useless in Mass Effect, now players can tear across the battlefield with an Asari sword or, better yet, a Krogan hammer, along with several other options, including the obvious orange Omni-Blade. In addition to familiar guns hauled from the Milky Way galaxy, there’ll also be energy-based Remnant weapons and heat-seeking Helios plasma guns that originate from the first area the Pathfinder explores.

Perhaps most exciting is a complete overhaul of the traditional classes from previous Mass Effect games. Whereas classes for Shepard onced forced players to go all-in on a character that was either 100 percent focused on Combat, Tech, or Biotics or a 50/50 split combo of just two, the Ryders will have access to any and all abilities — and weapon types — for the duration of their journey. Now, assuming the title of “Infiltrator” or “Vanguard” (now called “Profiles”) will just get you perks specifically tailored to your elected playstyle while still not limiting your ability and weapon selection. So yes, you can finally be a sniper that can cloak yourself, and rip apart your enemies with biotic detonations.

Sign us up immediately for the Andromeda Initiative, and check out the trailer below:

Mass Effect: Andromeda hits retailers March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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