13 of the Best 'Fire Emblem Heroes' Characters

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More than many other mobile games, Fire Emblem Heroes is all about the characters. They’re not easy to acquire, but including five-star characters in your collection of heroes means you’ll be nigh unbeatable in battle. But how do you separate the true heroes from the stinkers? There’s a whole mess of them after all, and not all of them are good — even if they do have five stars.

It’s important to always remember that stars do not equal good, but instead generally mean “better starting stats and access to skills.” It don’t mean a thing if the hero ain’t got that swing … of their lance, axe, or sword. Here’s a breakdown of the best summons to aspire for in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Takumi's an archer with an interesting haircut. 

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Takumi is, simply put, a beast of an archer. He can counterattack from afar and up close, which sets him apart from other ranged attackers. He has god-like stats to boot. He’s a rare pull, but well worth the effort. Takumi is especially strong against ranged attackers.

You don't want to mess with Tharja. 

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Tharja is a powerful mage in her own right, but her passive abilities make her even more formidable. When Tharja’s low on HP, her spells do bonus damage. That’s not a bad ability to have in a pinch, if you ask me.

Fae is one of the most powerful green-aligned characters. 

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Your enemies would be mistaken to mess with this adorable Dragon Child. Fae might not look it, but she’s a heavy hitter and an excellent support character. Fae’s passive ability allows her to heal herself for 10 HP almost every turn, and she can rescue other characters from danger if they’re in a tricky spot.

Cordelia appears in 'Fire Emblem Heroes' sans pegasus. 

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If you’re lucky enough to pull a five-star Cordelia, you’ve got a real steamroller of a summon. Cordelia has passive abilities that allow her to attack twice, take multiple turns in a row, and she can move through enemies.

Get yourself a Nowi tank ASAP. 

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Ignoring Nowi’s horrifying get-up, she’s another highly coveted five-star summon who can act as a tank. She boasts powerful attacks and some pretty nifty support abilities. She can disrupt enemy resistances in an ultra-helpful area-of-effect move. Plus, she can counter at range.

Robin is a great addition to any team. 

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Robin is a solid mage who happens to be strong against gray heroes, giving him a well-rounded advantage on the battlefield. He’s also one of the easier characters to attain, and he’ll prove useful for many battles to come.

Lucina is a formidable swordfighter. 

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Lucina returns to Fire Emblem Heroes with her legendary sword in hand, which allows her to heal herself for 10 HP every third turn. She’s also the perfect counter to any dragons you may encounter.

Camilla is well known for her prowess in battle in 'Fire Emblem Fates.' 

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Camilla is an extremely powerful offensive unit with a good deal of speed which allows her to attack twice when initiating combat. She also grants extra damage to surrounding enemies when she initiates an attack on her turn. Not too shabby.

Tiki's dragon powers are hard to beat. 

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Okay, Fire Emblem loves its dragonlings, but for good reason. Tiki of Fire Emblem Awakening fame is another Dragon Child that boasts a powerful area-of-effect attack and excellent support abilities. Tiki can heal nearby allies when she’s not wreaking havoc.

Ryoma takes battle very seriously. 



Ryoma looks prickly because he is. His insane Attack stat alone makes him a legendary fighter. Ryoma can counterattack from a distance, and has special skills that increase his Attack even further. Poking this porcupine is a very bad idea, indeed.

Turns out Azura's singing is pretty helpful.

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This princess turned songstress allows players to take another turn. She’s also a great support character, boosting characters’ resistance with her passive abilities.

'Fire Emblem's' most famous dad

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Chrom shares his daughter’s Falchion, granting them very similar abilities. Chrom’s another strong counter towards dragonkin and can heal himself for 10 HP every third turn. Chrom may not be as tough as his progeny, but he’s a good substitute until you can unlock Marth or Lucina.

One of the old-school 'Fire Emblem' heroes

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Hector may be weak towards spellcasters, but he is the epitome of the melee character. Let him loose and he’ll cut through swathes of (non-magical) enemies with ease thanks to his high Attack and Defense. And let’s not forget his ability to counterattack at range.

Even if you don't pull the most powerful characters right away, there are plenty of other excellent options. 

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