Everything We Know About the New 'Legion' Mutants

A guide to the cast of characters in "Chapter Two" of Noah Hawley's trippy X-Men show. 


The second episode of FX’s new mind-bending superhero show Legion introduces a host of new characters for Dan Stevens’s David Haller to interact with. The end of the pilot saw him fleeing the shady poolside government facility and sailing off into the unknown with his girlfriend Syd and her accomplices.

Because the show is trippy enough in its plot — as the viewer is never solid on what events are really happening and what’s in David’s mind — it can be hard to keep track. Here’s a guide to the four most important new characters in “Chapter Two” of the Noah Hawley Marvel show.

1. The Eye

Played by Mackenzie Gray, The Eye appeared in the Legion pilot as a creepy man sitting in on David’s interrogation. He later hands him a wooden totem — an act that’s so odd and unexpected, it would seem to indicate he’s a figure of David’s imagination. But as “Chapter Two” shows, he’s very real, and he’s got his hands on David’s sister Amy Haller. He’s a nefarious government agent who may have mutant powers of his own. While he seems to be a TV show invention, his name is strikingly familiar to “the devil with the yellow eyes.”

"The eye" and Amy Haller in Legion "Chapter Two" 


2. Melanie Bird

Melanie Bird, played by Jean Smart, has no direct comic correlation and seems to be invented purely for Legion. Her role in the story thus far is similar to the role Charles Xavier plays in the X-Men franchise — as a benevolent guide and a teacher to troubled youths. Though, her serene niceness seems almost too good to be true. It remains to be seen whether she will turn out to be friend or foe to David.

Melanie Bird and David in 'Legion'


3. Ptonomy Wallace

Played by Jeremie Harris, Ptonomy is a “memory artist.” Not only can he walk others through their own memories, but he has an impossibly vivid photographic memory. He can recall everything about his own life, even when he was still in his mother’s womb. His future is unclear, as he’s another character invented for the show.

Jeremie Harris as Ptonomy Wallace in 'Legion' 


4. David’s father

Curiously, David is unable to see his fathers’ face in his memories. He knows that he died, and that he was an astronomer. If his memory is accurate, he also read unbelievably creepy bedtime stories to David. In the comics, David’s father is none other than Charles Xavier — which explains why his powers are so potent. While it’s unlikely he’ll be played by James McAvoy on the show, it’s keeping its cards close to its chest on who will depict the famous telepath.

James McAvoy as Charles Xavier in 'X-Men'

Legion airs on Wednesday nights on FX.

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