Ryan Reynolds Wore a Deadpool Bra to a Harvard Award Ceremony


Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool team have won several surprising honors this year, including a Golden Globe nomination. After the letdown of being snubbed by the Oscars, Reynolds accepted the title of “Man of the Year” from Harvard University’s famous Hasty Pudding, a theatrical society for students. At the award ceremonies, Harvard students led Reynolds in a series of ridiculous stunts, including one where he donned a giant Deadpool bra.

The ceremony also includes a “Roast” portion where students lauded and laughed at the actor for his many accomplishments, “like marrying Blake Lively!” Reynolds is a good sport throughout, even when — as ComicBook.com points out — they force him into the aforementioned bra or make him smash a literal green lantern. He also has to do squats with a student on his back and call someone in a Meryl Streep mask “overrated.” Check out some highlights below, including the post-ceremony press conference:

The very first recipient of the Hasty Pudding “Man of the Year” award was Bob Hope back in 1967. Though the title is awarded to performers that have made a “lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment,” recent years have focused on actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Pratt, and Neil Patrick Harris, who all have eclectic, but largely comedic backgrounds.

It’s fortunate for Reynolds to be celebrated for his skills as a comedic actor, but it’s also unfortunate that he couldn’t garner more accolades from the likes of the Oscars or the Golden Globes. Perhaps potty-mouthed bra-wearing men in suits that may or may not like getting pegged but are totally open to the idea, maybe … are just not their style.