The Flash on 'Powerless' is Doing Way Worse Than Arrowverse Flash


Yet another reason Charm City is a better place to live than anywhere on Earth; tonight’s episode of Powerless introduced a Fantasy Superhero League. The overworked R&D team procrastinates on an important Wayne Securities deadline by obsessing over their draft picks. While watching an important FSL update from a Sports Center-lite host, the team learns that Sinestro banished the Flash of Earth-P to the Phantom Zone.

Like Supergirl, Powerless is set in a different, parallel universe to that of Arrow and The Flash. Though Powerless’s Flash is incapacitated, causing Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) to win the first week of FSL, Arrowverse’s Flash is still out there sprinting circles around bad guys. It’s unlikely that CW fans will see Earth-P’s Flash anytime soon, although Flash vs. Flash would be a crossover event for the ages. Until then, starting a real-life FSL is the only way to know who would win that race.

DC comic fans did actually see one familiar face in tonight’s episode: the comically D-List Prince Evillo, who appeared as a prisoner/recovering evildoer in Wayne Securities anti-bullying HR video. Boring Emily to death, Prince Evillo (the name, he knows, he knows) reminds everyone what r-e-s-p-e-c-t spells. It looks like someone got caught using his hypnosis horns one too many times.

While Prince Evillo makes a terrible draft pick for FSL, undoubtedly more heroic supers will flex their highlight reels throughout the first season of Powerless. Maybe fans will finally get a statistics-driven answer to the question: Who is more badass, Superman or Batman?

Or, maybe, they’ll learn the answer to another question: How did Sinestro, a Green Lantern villain, get his hands on Kryptonian Phantom Zone technology?