'Stranger Things' Season 2 Will Be Eleven's Origin Story


The season 1 finale of Netflix’s Stranger Things left telekinetic tween Eleven supposedly dead after saving her friends from an interdimensional monster called the Demogorgon. But even after she was gone, the show heavily implied it wouldn’t be the last we’d hear from her. Now some details about the highly anticipated second season seem to indicate that we’ll get an Eleven origin story when Season 2 hits the streaming service later this year.

Even though Season 1 implied she might be stuck in the Upside Down, eating bizarro versions of the Eggos Chief Hopper leaves her in the real world, she’s definitely back for Season 2. But that doesnt necessarily mean we’ll see her in the present day of the show.

“We do get into her story and backstory. We learn about where she came from and how she came into the world and the program that resulted in her,” co-creator Matt Duffer told EW. Millie Bobbie Brown, the actress who plays Eleven, expounded upon that idea a little further: “She has a storyline this season for her, and it’s an emotional transition. Last season I didn’t get to expand [on the character] — this season is giving me that opportunity.”

Theres a lot to unpack here.

Duffer says we’ll find out where she came from, which means we’ll finally get some clarification about Terry Ives, the woman who was supposedly Eleven’s biological mother. In the Season 1 episode “The Monster,” Terry’s sister Becky claims she miscarried the baby, though Terry insisted that the child was named Jane and had special powers like Eleven. There was never a clear confirmation that Jane really died, but we know the Hawkins Lab can fake someone’s death.

Brown’s claim that the new season’s storyline is “for her also seems to indicate we’ll spend much of the time with her and her mother in flashbacks. Dr. Brenner would then care for the special child at the same time he continued conducting experiments on Terry.

This is all speculation, but it’s good to hear that the girl with the pesky telekinetic nosebleeds will be a significant part of Season 2.

Stranger Things 2 will stream in full on Netflix this Halloween.