Brit Marling Announces 'The OA' is Getting a Season 2

It's official: Netflix's 'The OA' is getting a Season 2, and it's going to be weird AF. 


If you finished Netflix’s The OA and have retired your interpretive dance moves — otherwise known as dimension-unlocking Movements — don’t put them away so fast. Creator and star Brit Marling has announced that the mind-bending series is officially getting a Season 2.

Recall that Season 1 had an ambiguous ending. French, one of the boys Brit Marling’s character Prairie had been telling her story to, discovers books in her house that pertain to her story, indicating that it might just be fictional. It doesn’t help that he then runs into her FBI therapist (Riz Ahmed), who also indicates that her fantastical tale wasn’t quite true. Depending on what kind of viewer you are, you could interpret that at face value — Prairie is disturbed and the sci-fi fairytale elements are made up. Or you could interpret a Stranger Things-style conspiracy in which interdimensional travel is real and the FBI agent was working to cover it up.

In her announcement about Season 2, Marling’s wording supports the second theory and indicates that the sci-fi elements will remain a strong presence. “The first part is the story of a young woman who is traumatized and tells a group of boys this story and in so doing, allows them to face a moment of their own crisis at the end,” she explains. “That is the self contained story but the more science fiction metaphysical threads are open ended, so there can be a part 2 in which we can dive into those spaces.”

Watch the full video below.

There is no word yet on a release date, but Marling also said, “It was very important that it’s all ultimately solvable. We designed an ending from the very beginning.”

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