Robin Calls Bruce "Batdad" in Hilarious 'Lego Batman' Video


In a new ad for The Lego Batman Movie, Batman and his “roommate,” Bruce Wayne, open the doors of Wayne Manor to show the crew of MTV Cribs: Gotham Edition around “the most tasteful and insanely extravagant mansion in all of Gotham City.” We get a great look at the crew in Wayne Manor, which features dolphins, Lobster Thermidor, and a mysterious, super-secret man cave in the basement.

Possibly the most tricked out Wayne Manor in Batman movie history belongs to Bruce Wayne and his “roommate,” the Dark Knight, in the upcoming LEGO Batman. Previous trailers for the film have given fans a look at the mansion’s indoor pool (with pet dolphins) and the aggressively large fireplaces gracing the main hall, but never with Batman and Bruce Wayne pulling hilariously unconvincing switcheroos the whole time and rolling all over an extra large king-sized mattress in Bruce’s “quaint” bedroom.

The pièce de résistance is Batman’s “secret room,” which “every good-looking, mysterious, billionaire bachelor” has.

The Batcave (uh, “secret room”) is “crazy awesome,” and that’s where Alfred and Robin show up because they’re doing a bit of dusting around the “secret man cave.”

Also, Robin calls Batman “Batdad,” and that’s probably the greatest thing to happen in Batman films in the past decade, hands down.

LEGO Batman is in theaters February 10.

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