The 5 Funniest Additions to the Lego Batman Batcave So Far

The newest trailer for The Lego Batman Movie dropped on Friday, and it’s becoming clear that the Lego version of Bruce Wayne’s Batcave is the most tricked out in the superhero’s history. The best part of Lego Batman’s new tech isn’t that it’s all cool (though it is); his new vehicles and multiple costumes and computer functions are funny on top of being organic to the character.

By building out Lego Batman’s cave, the upcoming film will bring a great deal of comedy to the otherwise super-serious non-super hero. We haven’t seen an effective Batman comedy since Batman and Robin — and even that movie was more of a “funny because it’s so bad” punny punch-up than an outright satirical superhero film. The Lego Batman Movie will, apparently, use puns as often as Batman and Robin and Adam West-era Batman properties did, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s a list of the batcave additions visible in The Lego Batman Movie trailers.

New Bat Vehicles

When Robin (Michael Cera) stumbles into Batman’s (Will Arnett) batcave, he’s thrilled to find Batman’s collection of Bat-themed vehicles, including a Batkayak, Batsub, and a Batzeppelin. Batman barks at Robin not to touch anything, but you can bet some of the better Batmobile alternate designs will be available in Lego sets when the movie hits theaters.

Parental lock on computer, operated by Alfred

Alfred’s relationship with Batman has always been an interesting source of tension in Gotham stories. In Court of Owls, writer Scott Snyder explored Alfred Pennyworth’s family legacy as running parallel to the Wayne family. In this year’s All-Star Batman, Scott Snyder (again) explored Alfred’s personality, suggesting he could be pushed to abandon Bruce Wayne if manipulated with the right reasons.

The parental lock joke in Lego Batman touches on that uncomfortable paternal relationship with a dose of humor, positioning Alfred as Bruce Wayne’s caretaker and babysitter, rather than his servant.

HDMI cables on home theater

Every trailer that’s been released for the Lego Batman movie has stressed the fact that Bruce Wayne is incredibly lonely. The first trailer watched him as he microwaved a single serving of lobster thermidor, and Friday’s trailer showed him trying different input settings on his television. It’s the little details, as in The Lego Movie, that will make Batman’s Lego story memorable.

Dolphin tank

In DC Comics, Bruce Wayne has a series of ridiculous props decorating his Batcave, including a huge dinosaur and an oversized penny. The Lego Batman Movie adds a full spa area, and the luxurious steam pools inside have, apparently, at least one dolphin swimming around.

Costume carousel

When Robin searches through Batman’s alternate themed uniforms and ultimately chooses “Reggae Man” for himself, we see a number of Batman’s other get-ups, including “The Batpack” with a cocktail shaker, “Scubat” ,”St Batricks,” “The Batriot,” “Bat-hurst 1000,” “El Murcilago,” “Comic Con Exclusive,” “Krampus Bat,” “Glam Bat,” “Merbat,” and “Winged Armageddon,” which is just a Batsuit with huge wings strapped to the back.

All in all, minute, funny details will make Lego Batman a robust Gotham-centric story. The film hits theaters in February 2017.

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