"Steve Bannon Looks Like" These 30 Disgusting Things

At least, according to the internet.

The internet has had no chill so far when it comes to dragging Donald Trump’s appearance, whether it’s his hair or tiny hands. Now people have taken aim at another member of the administration: Steve Bannon. The Breitbart executive chair turned Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist has been the butt of many jokes recently, mainly when it comes to his appearance. Out of ~ The Internet’s ~ disgust has come the “Steve Bannon looks like” meme, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Bannon comparisons continue to thrive on Twitter and it’s likely whenever he shows up at a public event people will be ready to make fun of him. But many of these jokes are beyond just fat shaming in. In order to better capitalize on the world wide web’s roast, many of these insults have another layer of savageness.

Here are 30 things Steve Bannon looks like:

30. Cracker Barrel should be a safe space for all.

29. The dermatologist was out of network.

28. Someone end his subscription.

27. Even worse than the Megabus

26. Get off my lawn.

25. The goblin with a heart of gold.

24. So that’s the Trump connection.

23. Brutal

22. Ghostbusters 3

21. Who brings finger foods to such an event?

20. It’s not the first time.

19. Butt …

18. … and soon to be escorted out by security

17. Size XXXL.

16. Talk about a bender.

15. It’s the new fragrance.

14. The prequel:

13. The only thing that’ll get him moving.

12. Except … worse.

11. One being from the head of HR himself.

10. I think I saw this episode.

9. Absolutely not.

8. Now this is poetry.

7. The talk of the town

6. Talk about a sticky situation.

5. Don’t trust this meat.

4. Rick Grimes would not be pleased.

3. A true Halal Guy.

2. But who’s houseboat? boat?

1. A pack a day

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