Here's the Guy Who Wrote the Funniest "Steve Bannon Looks Like" Joke

But it takes more than just fat shaming the Trump adviser.

Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Practically every member of the Donald Trump administration should be prepared to be memed. The latest target: Steve Bannon. Originally the executive chair of Breitbart before joining politics, he’s ascended to Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist. Others on ~ The Internet ~ have a lot more to say about Bannon, especially concerning his appearance. And thus, a glorious meme roasting the sack of skin on how he looks has graced us all.

One particular “Steve Bannon looks like” joke from comedian and Los Angeles Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America Agitprop Co-chair, Josh Androsky, crafted an excellent take-down, likening Bannon to actor Michael Shannon, but if he dined exclusively on Marlboros. It was the most viral comparison so far.

“The dude is like a bad guy,” says Androsky. “Obviously he’s a bad guy, but he’s a bad guy in the most dramatic sense of the word. He’s overtly cartoonish, and he even plays into it, talking about how he loves Darth Vader and shit.”

"steve bannon looks like if michael shannon did a super-size-me where he only ate cigarettes."


Androsky’s quick to bring up that his joke was technically a joint effort. He didn’t create the image himself. He just googled “Michael Shannon and Steve Bannon” and there was somebody that had already made the side-by-side edit. He added onto it his own observation, exemplifying the collaborative nature of the internet. He made other comparisons, but nothing caught fight quite like the poisoned Shannon one.

Slinging internet insults at members of Trump’s administration is just one part of fighting back. The comedian, who has also written several episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, believes that it’s time to come at the government that’s declaring travel bans (and other policies people are protesting against) from all angles.

“It’s at a point now that I feel like there’s a multi-pronged attack that we on the left have to mount against these fucking mutants. Part of that is to just belittle and ridicule them at all times,” Androsky says. “Trump’s group, beyond the fact that they’re pretty fascist, they’re vain. They’re so fucking vain about this shit that it actually feels like it might hurt them.”

And in using jokes and memes, they have to be calculated. He brings up how the right would compare Michelle Obama to a primate a lazy blow in his eyes. Instead of just fat-shaming him, Androsky made an absurd comment that connects with people because it’s rooted in reality.

“My thing is that he looks like he puts krokodil in his Mountain Dew Code Red. He looks like he’s poisoned constantly,” Androsky says. “Nobody told us the revolution would be boring; to write letters, walk around, go to the airport. It sucks to call Dianne Feinstein and tell her what she should already know. Being able to play and have fun with these fucking ghouls in Trump’s cabinet brings a necessary sort of levity.”

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