The 5 Characters Most Likely to Die on 'The 100' Season 4

'The 100' is notoriously brutal, and Season 4 is teasing, 'Who will survive?' Here are the contenders for who won't. 

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Right from the beginning of its first season, when The 100 killed Atom, Wells, and Charlotte in quick succession, the CW drama established itself as a show that does not fuck around. Each season of the take-no-prisoners show axes more characters than the last. Season 3 had perhaps a record of deaths, ranging from major to minor characters; friends to foes. Its most significant casualties were Lincoln and Lexa, but don’t forget Sinclair, Pike, Gina, the Last Mountain Man Carl Emerson, the Ice Nation Queen, the would-be Ice Nation Commander Ontari, the Flamekeeper Titus, and Monty’s mother. The Season 4 trailer even teases the notion with the slogan of “Who will survive?”

Here are the most likely contenders for who won’t.

1. Jasper

Although Devon Bostick’s Jasper began the show endearingly wide-eyed, content to follow Clarke and Bellamy and crush on Octavia, he rose to the occasion in Season 2, becoming an unlikely hero and a leader in his own right. Unfortunately, when his girlfriend Maya was killed, it sent him into a spiral of self-destructive behavior. He spent Season 3 drinking, moping, and generally being a dick. His behavior would be more understandable if everyone else in the show didn’t also regularly lose their loved ones and continue on. For all of Season 3, Jasper was pretty much a dead-end character, story-wise. Unless the show plans to turn him around and make him narratively significant again, he’s ripe for axing.

2. Harper

Chelsey Reist’s Harper began as a background member of The 100 and slowly became more prominent over time. She was integral to the resistance inside the mountain in Season 2, and at the end of Season 3, she got together with Monty. If she died in Season 4, then that would be similar to Sinclair’s death in Season 3: It would be sad and impact one character’s storyline (there, it was Raven; here it’s Monty), but it would have average significance to the plot. As The 100 has a handful of mid-level deaths each season, Harper would make sense.

Harper and Raven 

3. Murphy

Richard Harmon’s Murphy has had the largest redemption arc on the show aside from Bellamy. He was utterly loathsome in Season 1 and was a dick but still useful for much of Season 2. His turning point came when Finn massacred a Grounders village, and he tried to stop him. Ever since then, he’s slowly become an unlikely and bitingly sarcastic moral compass. His death would be a big one, the Season 4 equivalent to Lincoln’s. But it would be just like the show to use his redemption to make his death hurt. Plus, he’s in a happy relationship right now. That’s pretty much a death warrant on The 100.

Emori and Murphy in Season 4

4. King Roan

Zach McGowan’s King Roan is the main powerhouse in Polis now that Lexa and Ontari are both dead. The formerly exiled Ice Nation Prince entered the story in Season 3 as Clarke’s would-be kidnapper and eventually progressed into her unlikely ally. We can expect to see much more of him, as he’s a series regular in Season 4. Zach McGowan told Inverse, “I’ve gotten to work with almost everyone on the show at this point.” But because power never stays stagnant on The 100 for long, it would be very surprising if he was still on the throne in Season 5. Particularly in Polis, assuming power has proven to be lethal.

Clarke and Roan in Season 3 

5. Abby

Abby’s death (Paige Turco) would be a gut-punch. But that’s precisely why it would make sense. Just like Lexa’s death in Season 3, it would emotionally impact many people — Clarke, Raven, Kane — and it would upset the balance of power. It would also be highly surprising if Clarke makes it to the end of this story with her mother still around. Part of what makes The 100 compelling is the way it mixes disparate genres: dystopia, coming of age, political intrigue, military strategy, moral parable. “Dead parents” are almost always on the checklist for both “coming of age” and “dystopia.”

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Season 4 is currently airing on Wednesdays on The CW.

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