The 10 Best Video Games for Couples

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

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February is the perfect time for curling up with some of your favorite games. The weather can be a bit nasty depending on where you live, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, its the perfect excuse to stay secreted away inside with that special someone for a romantic evening of gaming. We’ve done you the favor of selecting ten of the best co-operative games to play with your partner.

'Little Big Planet' is about as adorable as games come. 

Game Idealist

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is a delightful co-operative physics platformer. Whether you’re simply playing through the campaign or building custom levels with the game’s intricate (but easy to learn) level designer, it’s easy to sink hours into this charming adventure.

'Portal 2' is a co-operative brain teaser. 

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## Portal 2

Portal 2 showed that the franchise could continue to enchant players with its co-operative multiplayer campaign starring ATLAS and P-Body. Portal 2’s co-op campaign is just as well-written and challenging as the single-player, as GlaDOS finds new test subjects in these bipedal androids. The new challenges force you to approach the game in fresh ways, and it’s a delight to play with another person.

Explore deep space from your couch. 

asteroid base

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

If you’re looking for something a bit different, you can’t go wrong with Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, a beautiful little indie game in which each player has to take on the assorted duties tied to manning a spaceship. You and your partner will take turns operating the battle stations, maintaining weapons and defenses, and just generally ensuring your vessel is in tip-top shape as you explore the galaxy.

An old school fantasy RPG with online co-op


Divinity: Original Sin

Perhaps you seek a game that’s more on an epic scale. In that case, we highly suggest you wrap yourselves up in Divinity: Original Sin, a tactical top-down RPG with exciting quests aplenty, quality writing, and, of course, satisfying local and online co-op that takes advantage of the typical RPG party format.

Saving the world, brick by brick. 

Game Revolution

Basically All of the LEGO games

The LEGO video games have garnered something of a cult following. They’re funny, appeal to young and old alike, and are generally speaking good video games, plain and simple. The LEGO games are set in a number of pop culture universes. You and your loved one will be able to play as your favorite characters and work together to explore the faithfully rendered LEGO environments. (We’re talking environments such as, say, the Marvel universe.)

Colorful, platforming action

Metroid Database

## Guacamelee!

Guacamelee! is a blast to play alone, but it’s even more fun with two people. It also happens to feature gorgeous environments that draw inspiration from Mexican folklore and heaps of humor.

'Borderlands 2' allows for local split-screen or online multiplayer. 


Borderlands 2

Borderlands is best enjoyed as a multiplayer game, making this colorful and quirky sci-fi-meets-Western shooter an ideal choice for video game date night. Set in a massive world with a good selection of classes to choose from, there’s a lot to explore here and so much loot to collect.

So good they made it multiplayer 

Klei Entertainment

Don’t Starve Together

You can test how your relationship would hold up in a survival scenario with Don’t Starve Together, the standalone multiplayer version of indie hit Don’t Starve. Build yourself a base and collect resources while avoiding the dangers that are ever-present in the wilderness. It can be tough, but neither of you will want to step away from this eerie Tim Burton-esque game.

Explore endless realms with the person you love. 

Starbound Wiki


Starbound is a lovely 2D space explorer sandbox with a wide assortment of playable alien races and plenty of crafting and questing wormholes to fall into. The game allows for drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, making this a great, relaxing treat to play alongside your partner.

A creative cooking game with some some surprises. 

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Overcooked caused quite a stir when it launched last year, and for good reason. The cooking game brought back local co-operative multiplayer, putting a goofy spin on the restaurant sim genre. You’ll work together with your partner to complete a series of increasingly zany culinary challenges, preparing meals in the dark, in tractor trailers, and more.

Mexican-themed fisticuffs for two

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