Trump's Border Wall Has Had a Surprising Side Effect: Mexican Pride

Tensions continue to rise between the countries.

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Tensions created by President Donald Trump’s plan for a border wall between the United States and Mexico have had an interesting side effect: Mexican national pride. And now it’s a hashtag: #AdiosStarbucks!

A boycott of goods from the United States popped up this week, under the hashtag including #AdiosStarbucks and #AdiosProductosGringos (goodbye white people/U.S. products) along with a slew of memes.

The boycott’s hashtags started appearing on Thursday just about the time that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled a meeting with President Donald Trump for next week following a heated debate over which nation would be paying for the wall. There’s been tension between the countries’ leaders and push-back against Trump by many Americans, but now Mexicans are also finding ways to also join in the fight. Mexicans that are boycotting have decided that they’d rather be supporting their own domestic businesses than continue giving their money to American ones.

Twitter user @Revolux10 writes in Spanish, “Let’s support our producers! Activate the local economy” along with adding on the boycott hashtags.

Some of the memes bid farewell to Starbucks and embrace local Mexican coffee companies including Caf Punta del Cielo.

Another Twitter user writes, “Consume Mexican products, which are also the best.” She also shared a meme making fun of Starbucks’s size names which everyone can agree are still a bit ridiculous when “medium” should be just fine.

Along with Starbucks, Mexicans are calling out other large corporations in the United States including Walmart and McDonald’s. Some seem like they’re going to be totally fine with giving up Big Macs.

Mexicans might be giving up the scrumptious fried chicken of KFC, but they have plenty of recipes to keep their stomachs happy.

Beyond the hashtag, only time will tell if these corporations experience a decrease in business due to Mexican boycotters. But if the Women’s March and other protests in the United States have proved anything, people are feeling mobilized during this era of Trump. His policies affect much more than just Americans, and people of the south of the border are also standing up to him. Mexicans might not be able to vote or physically be in the United States to protest, but they know that hitting American companies in the wallet can also be effective.

Mexicans might start planning on saying goodbye to certain foods. Meanwhile, Senator Lindsay Graham has some fears about what will happen to margaritas and other libations if the suggested import tax were to actually happen.

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